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Social Media Tools

Though I am only into social media marketing for about 2 years, I learnt much more things from reading blogs and posts about it. During reading the blogs, many useful tools or extensions have been collected so that I can use it in the near or far future. So in this page I will introduce some of my favorite tools or extensions that may help you in the future, or just for me to check when I am not home before the computer. LOL

Here’s the list for tools in Social media management:


This is my current favorite tool for social management, 10 accounts for awesome plan, with post schedule,  post analytic and monthly view for the scheduled post/tweets. Strongly recommended for social management.

1. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Google +(Only for personal profile now), Linkedin
2. Set schedule post/tweet in fixed time or keep it in different time every day, you can also use the time optimise tools in Buffer to set the schedule time, like this:

Schedule timetable in Buffer.

3. Link shortening service, this service is automatically applied by Buffer so that every link you put in your post/tweet will be automatically shortened by Buffer, like buff.ly/fishing.

Similar tools: Hootsuite , Coschedule




Easy tool to manage Twitter and Instagram account in just one kit.
1. Create auto-reply messages for your Twitter account. Like ‘Hello world’, it will be sent the moment someone followed you, free version will display ‘-from CrowdFire’.
2. Account analytic, you can use it to analyse the Twitter/Instagram account like followers that in mutual following or not following back.
3. Keyword following, you can use this to type on the keyword you want to use or in your niche to search users that ever used that tag.
4. Friend check, it can be used to check whether someone is following you or whether someone is following some other.
5. Recent followers and unfollowers, this feature is also supported in Unfollowers.com
6. Other than the above features, it is also a schedule tool for Twitter and Instagram, but I tried some times for Instagram scheduling but all failed, will try it sometime.



Statusbrew(Formerly Unfollowers)

Mentioned in Crowdfire section, and from the name we can see that this is a tool for checking the unfollowers and followers, more powerful point is the Power Search, in beta now but very good to use, you can use it to search keywords or locations.

Power Search, from Statusbrew.

You can also use the Copy Followers/Following function to copy some other account’s followers or followings, like this:

Copy Followers/Followings.



Very useful website for marketing, sales and CRM. You can also learn as much things about social marketing and inbound marketing with the Hubspot Acadamy.

Hubspot tools.
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