Facebook has always been the NO.1 social media for marketers and marketing agencies, and now more and more people started to use Facebook to create their own page and create their own content, recently I have been testing something that may achieve some big in short time.

As we all know, that one Facebook account can have up to 5000 friends, if your friends reached more than 5k, then the following peope who wants to be friends with you will be showed as ‘following you’ which means you will be like a page yourself, and this is under the situation that you have only one account , how about owning 10 accounts, 20 accounts, even 100 accounts? That’s what many brands did to gain followers and likes and built their audience on Facebook.

Then how to do it?

How to do it

Let me show you how to do that ?!

First of all, you should register some Facebook accounts.

if you’re doing it on your own then you can start from 5-10 accounts , also you need some proxies to get those account logged in your browser, cause now Facebook is getting more and more stricked with the accounts policies so you have to make sure your accounts won’t get banned by Facebook or your efforts will be all in vain.

Second thing you should do is keep your accounts logged in different browsers

You can also use proxy agent to manage all the accounts so that all your accounts can work for you. Now settings are ready and time to start add friends! If you’re doing it yourself without any tools then start with adding few people at the first week, ATTENTION! Don’t add friends randomly, Facebook is using friend connections to suggest friends to you , so the first few people you add are very important to your following steps

Now’s time to set up your tools and start to gain friends

When you have few friends , you can start your next step, use extentions to add friends automatically and this time you just need to leave your account running on the background. Feels good right ?

Now you can keep this step again and again for about 3-4 weeks and you can add about 10-20 friends per day, and if everything works well, then you will have about 10 plus 20 plus 28 = 5600 friends , now’s the time to lead them all to a group by using the following extension : Toolkit for Facebook.

Toolkit for Facebook
Toolkit for Facebook – 1ancesem space


Here’s what I gained for about 3 months time, I only use one account to do this, and found this method by mistake, so this case tells me never stop to test things, cause you will never know what will happen when you’re the explorer.

Friends gained in 2 months.

Keep going!