Recently if you are a social-aholic then you must have noticed many changes Facebook has made during these days. So how many changes have been updated now? Let’s see:


1. The most obvious change is the icons.

All the icons are changing now in Facebook, as you may have noticed.

Not only the personal profile, but also the page profile has been changed.

Personal posting area:

Facebook Page posting area:


The icons has been changed and now if you want to post an update in your personal timeline , the background will get dark so that you can focus on the content you want to express to your audiences or friends.

Posting an update.


Posting update in groups:

gruop psoting.jpg
Posting in groups.



2. The display of Facebook page has been changed. 


Previous page view:

old page view
Old page view, pic from Internet.

Present page view:

New page
Current page view.

The new design takes up more room for the page showing district, which will show more content to the users as they can now see the different tabs easily and focus more on the contents from a page.

Now Facebook is still rolling out its updates for changing the display of the pages and I will keep close attention to it and update here. Just don’t forget to comment if you have found something new.


To be updated.


25 July, Updated.

Now the chat window has been changed, more flat.

Now only the window of whom  you’re talking to will be highlighted so you can focus on the chat instead of find who you are talking to after checking some other tabs in your Chrome.

Only the one you’re talking to will be highlighted, others will be white window.

You can also find the message options just in the middle of the Facebook page you manage,  users will see it just like you and you will get the message link more easier.

See how to get it on your mobile phone: How to get Facebook Messenger Code.