When talking about Facebook marketing, the first place people will come up with is Facebook pages, which is the most common way for businesses or brands to build their audience and spread the brands, but there is another way for Facebook marketing, the groups.

So have you ever joined a Facebook group?  I think most of us have joined some groups for some reasons , and group is a very good place to gather some loyal customers for your brands and products, the group is just between forum and group chat, in a forum everybody can post and the people are from different places, different IPs. In a group chat, you guys may know each other and the conversation are topics that most of you guys can join in. And combine them, you will get the group. 

Usually you can create a group anytime any place if you want, and you have to invite at least one people to get start. Then just like creating a Facebook profile, adding some infomation about you , adding avatar and tags about your group, then you can start enjoy your group, to make it bigger so that you can have some audience, you have to do some giveaways or contests , or you can let your frinds to invite some people to join your group, then share it to their friends to grow bigger.

When your group is bigger, now it’s time to do some promotional activities or it will be nothing for you as a marketer. Say you have 1000 members now, posting a product will get you around 20-100 clicks , depending on the interactivity of your group, and you can also make a Facebook ads to lead people to your group/website, in this case you can lead more people to your group and gain more memebrs for the future promotions and gain fans for your website/brand/Facebook page.

So, now many people will think, saying is much easier than doing, okay, we will have some tips for doing it and managing groups in Part 2.

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