Now with the continous popularity of the E-sports, streaming is becoming the next wind for all the investment companies and funds, in China, there are Douyu, Tiger and ZhanqiTV, in US, Twitch has domining in streaming industry but now Twtich is facing more and more competiters, like Periscope (owned by Twitter.), Facebook also started focusing on its streaming function and added it to the ‘post’ section, which indicates this social media leader now is paying more attention to streaming.

Have you ever use YouTube to find videos ?


YouTube has always been a great channel for most of us to get videos for something, like fishing, or gaming, and with the rising trends of gaming, YouTube has created YouTube gaming to grow gaming audiences and increase their finance earning ability.

News shows that Gaming is becoming the main entertainment for most people aging from 16-30, of which will spend about 800 dollars on gaming things like games, DLCs or in-game purchase.

Wanna be the populirities of the internet? Sreaming now to get one seat.

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