Facebook adds ‘Ads and promotions’ tab on Insights for Facebook page.

Today Facebook has rolled out this update, now you can see ‘ads and promotions’ tab on insights tab for your Facebook page.


You can check the boosted posts you have before and choose to boost it again or check the performance. It would be easier now for you to go to ads managers and manage the ads, so putting the ads tab on insights means Facebook wants you to put more time and budget on Facebook ads due to the decrease of post reach. (See: Facebook Post Reach Drop in 2016)


Facebook tends to add diversity of news feed for users.

As there are more and more posts sent in Facebook, people now can’t get access the content that they may want to know, so Facebook changes its algorithm to make the timeline more related to the users. Now the company are testing a new feeds for users, the diversity feeds, there will be few different news feed on your home page when the update rolled out so the users will be more convenient to read what they want by categories. (See: Facebook news feed changes marketers need to know)


‘Invite to like’ button disappear and back.

Earlier this week when I opened my Facebook page, click to see the people who have liked my latest post, shocked to see that the ‘invite‘ button has been changed to ‘add friends‘. It is a tip for marketers that you can see the people who have liked the post in your page and you can invite them to like your page personally. Most people would react to this if you invite them not long after they react to your post cause they are still aware of your page at that moment or you will lost them if you click the button after a week.

I thought maybe it’s Facebook’s update to close this channel for gaining likes for the pages, but again I was wrong, this function gets back yesterday, hopefully this is just Facebook’s updates or testing, or we will lose another way of gaining likes for our page.

We will see what will happen in the future. Any updates will be updated here.

‘Invite to like’ Button



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