As a social media marketer, I have used so many social apps, popular or unpopular,

Snapchat is the one that between popular and unpopular in my mind when I first heard of this app, now world changes, Snapchat now surpassed Twitter in the active users per month, bad news for Twitter , but hey, good news for marketers right?

Whenever there is a new social media or social channel that can gather big amount of users, there will be a potential gold for our social marketers, why? Cause you never know what it will turns out to be after few years, maybe the next Facebook Messenger, or even the next Facebook. You can’t say that . What we should do it to catch up with the latest trend and keep learning.

I download Snapchat for about 2 month without even register, I thought it was boring,cause I am living in China, people barely use this app, nor did the government allows, so it’s totally empty in my address book, no friends means that this app is just like a offline app to me, and that’s why I leave it alone for couple of months. And that is the key point of Snapchat – relations.


Just like Facebook, Snapchat is like its name, snap and chat. You don’t need other actions, just take photos and then chat with your friends. There are also stickers and paiting and writing tools integrated within Snapchat so that you can use it whenever you press your finger onto the screen for about 1 second. Now all the teenagers are using Snapchat as their basic messagin app, all the messages are only available for 24 hours, all the updates and videos in your profile are also only kept for 24 hours in Snapchat, which means if you don’t use it for hours you may miss something, if you don’t use it for 24 hours you may feel lost in your world. That’s the most amaing part of Snapchat, letting people keep using it or they lose something. Also parents can’t get access to the messages their kids sent or received after 24 hours, which just satisfied the kids, who doesn’t want their parents to know his/her secrets.

As an imcreasingly app, Snapchat is promising in social marketing, espcially in brand marketing. You can keep your brand showing in front of hundred millions of users every day and what you should do is offering them funny videos or interesting snaps. Now Snapchat is not a good way for me to spread my products, so in my niche, it doest’t work at the moment, but I will keep using it from now on so that I don’t miss anything , any techs in using Snapchat and not dropped back by the teenagers market. Lol.