Usually we love to use Facebook to do the promotions and giveaways to our audiences, today I will introduce some tips that I use when I’m doing the promotions and giveaways.

Tip 1. Use interactive words to encourage your fans to comment and share your post.

I have seen some research that indicates the words you use in your post affects your audiences’ reactions to your post. People are more likely to engage with the post that invites them to comment or share than those which doesn’t have similar words. For example, the same picture with the word”Beautiful sunset, share to your friends!” will perform better than the one without these words.

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Which one is better? Pick your choice.

Tip 2. Add a deadline to your promotion post.

People are always persue something that has attracted people’s attention, the more people who are talking about it,  the more people who will be affected and get involved in . Using a deadline will push people to react to your post, just like designers, they won’t work well without a deadline, XD.

For example, “30 OFF! Only Last for 5 Days! ” will work better than “30 OFF! Buy it now! ” , don’t believe? Try it.

Tip 3. Use some tools like Pablo by Buffer to get your pic best suitable for your social media.

Pablo by Buffer.

It has 3 sizes, which are optimized for Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram. Very easy to use, it will make the pic you upload suit perfectly with your social media and give the audience best views, also it can be a reference for your Facebook ads post or promotional banners.

Tip 4. Don’t put too much words in one post, use comment instead.

This is a common mistake by some of the new marketers.

Click ‘See More’ to See the rest.

This part is credit from Hunger games, Catching Fire.  It’s very long and you have to click ‘see more’ to read the rest of it, but is there some better way to do it? Just take this part as your promotional text. Here’s what I usually do :

  1. Use Facebook’s schedule tool to make a draft of the post you wanna put:
Publishing Tools – Scheduled Posts

You can create the scheduled post here or you can add it in the composer of your page.

Preview of the post.

You can see the post here and see whether it needs to click ‘see more’ to see the rest of the post. This is just one part of the paragraph we picked right? See here:

Preview of the post, reading view.

This is the reader’s view of your post, after scheduling your post in the publishing tools, click the post and it will leads you here, you can add comment or like in it before it gets published, see, your audience can see the whole of the post without clicking anything, people are lazy now, you know it. Just like doing promotional events or any other giveaways, this is a good way to improve the user experience and get more people involved in your post.

Okay, that’s all for today’s post, writing it at home now and it’s 22:00 in my place, I am hooked on writing articles and reading, it is of great fun to me and I can gain sense of achievement from it, it can improve my writing skills, typing speed and let me review the skills in social marketing. I will keep it updated!

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Peace, good night.