Part I

Today just learnt how to add a service button to Facebook tabs, formly I have tried once in my previous company but that’s just by mistake, and at that moment I don’t know how to do it, now I will show you how to do it.

First of all, go to your page, click About tab, and edit it, change your category to People > Business Person and Companies & Organizations > Consulting / Business Services. It will make your page like a local business page but there are some difference between local business and services.

After you changed the category, now you will see a service tab appearing in your Facebook page.


Service tab


Click ‘add a service’ and you will see a window for you to fill in the descriptions and title for your services , also you can add one image to make it not that tedious.


Add a service


Fill in the name and price of your service,  add some descriptions to it and then a service is ready to be shown in your service tab.


Showcase of your service.


Now all is set and you can add your services, usually there are no Call To Action button on the service tabs so you might use the price column as a alternative CTA district, like this:


Price column as CTA

You can also divide the your service pack into different services so that it will get more impressions for each services.


Part II

Now let’s turn our eyes to how to add the review tab in your Facebook page.

First of all, still, you need to change the category of your page, that’s the basic step, change it to local business, please note that only local business can have a review tab. But sometimes it may not appear after you changed it , many people has this issue,  here’s the solution:


Yep, just that easy, sometimes Facebook needs time to get your page changed to the category you changed so you may have to do it again to make it happen, if that still doesn’t works, wait for some time, and then do it again, you will find the review tab finally appear in your Facebook page.

There’s also a shortcut you can go through this, change the category to ‘Local business – Local business‘ .


I tried this 3 times in different pages and all worked well, so this may be a shortcut for you to get the review tab for your Facebook page.


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