Have long heard about Mail Chimp, a email service provider and finally today I got time and chance to register an account and explored it, it is totally a killer service! Very powerful functions and user friendly.

Since this is the first time use it so this post may not be that serious, but I will try to make it more professional. Let’s drive in.

First you have to register an account for this service, it’s the basic step so let’s skip this part and go directly to the point, create a email campaign in it.

Create a campaign.

You can create a campaign in the campaign page,  I created a test1 campaign to test this feature. There are 4 different forms of campaign to choose:

Select a type of campaign to send.

You can choose on your own demands, I chose the regular campaign for the testing, so I will take it as example to continue.


After chooseing the form of your campaign. it’s time to choose a template for your email subscription, still there are many templates for you to choose from mail chimp and you can pick one you like or one that your audience may like to continue.

Your list.

Now you already have your campaign and template, start gathering your audience list! You can add people into this list by using the emails and then name this list, if you’re a social media blogger or YouTuber, then you may name it subcribers, if you’re selling something, you may name it discounts , the list can help you manage those who are interested in your products or your contents.


This function is a paid feature so I have no access to use it at the moment, but if you have read some social media blogs then you must know how it works or how it looks.

So much for today, still testing it and I think knowing how to use this is essential for a social media marketer, cause you never know when you may need to use it.