This is a new feature that Facebook have rolled out just couple of weeks ago. It is very convenient for those companies that target in audiences among different countries!

Here we go, in default it is turned off by Facebook so you have to open it yourself to turn it on:

Go to “Page – Settings”, and in the “General” page you will find this option here between Similar page suggestions and Comment ranking.

Page – Settings

Click on this option and it will show a blank for you to tag and open this function in your Facebook page.

Write post in another language.

Click the “add” button and it will show the place to put in the text for another language.

Write post in another language, English – French.

You can also add more languages in this field, just click “add” button again and it will show up another blank for you to fill in the words in another language.

Write post in multiple language, English – French – German

Now it’s time to fill in all the blanks!

NOTE: Facebook won’t translate the words for you so you have to prepare for the post for another language. Here we enter “Here is the test text. ” And put in with different language.

Facebook – Write post in multiple language.

Now everything is set, click publish and you will see the post in multiple language! 

Facebook – Write post in multiple language. 

Here you go, your post will be displayed like this, people in your page will see the default language and they can choose to see in other languages themselves.

This is really good update, but the question is, it comes out a bit late, it would be difficult for those companies with audience from multiple countries to transfer all the audience to just one page now.

Check out the latest update for Twitter: Update for Twitter: No counts for links and photos in the future.

We will see what comes next after this.