As SEO is more and more difficult to do, social media has been popular now among the marketers, and Facebook advert has been the most popular tool for us to promote our business.

In my previous company, my boss just don’t give me the access to Facebook ads cause he though it is ‘easy’ to set up. Well, then I quit. Now social media is the next ‘SEO’, people are now more aware of the brands instead of just a cheap product, so knowing how to manage the social media and the marketing tools integrated within it is of great importance. Thankfully, my current boss is very glad to see us learning as much knowledge as possible to boost our business, and that’s why I can write this post. As a freshman in Facebook Ads, I will write this post from my own perspective.

First of all, we should know the basic setup for Facebook ads, there are two official tools to manage Facebook ads, Ads manager and Power editor, the former is the new tool to managing ads, you can find it in your main page, click the down button and you will find it. The latter is just like its name, power editor, can be used to manage ads in bulk, very useful to those agencies and big marketing companies, and you can even use it to create Dark Post.


In ads manager, you can create the ads and start the marketing for your pages or products.

After finding the right place to setup the ads, here are the steps to create some ads to run!

First we have to know something about campaign, ad sets and ads. When creating a advert, you have to create a campaign for it first, like Warcraft gold 1, after this, you can create few ad sets, which you can customise the targeting, placement and budget for each ad set, and in the ad set area you can now create ads! You can create different ad sets to test the targeting and placement, also you can create different ads under one ad set to test the image, text, or videos. Above all, take full advantage of the ad sets to test as more ads as possible, cause good ads are always picked from testing.

Okay, knowing all the things above, we can start creating Facebook ads now!

Please remember, keep testing, never stop it! Cause you can only find the best ad by continously testing!

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