This is a big problem for many people, when I first come to find the YouTubers, I am confused about the user interface in YouTube cause at that time I have no idea about subsription and subscirbers. After about 2 hours’ expoloring , everything comes clear to me and here’s some tips when I find YouTubers for business partnership.

NO.1 Keyword is always the key. 

YouTube has millions of videos uploaded everyday, you can’t view all the videos one by one, so the best way to access the videos you wanna see is using the keyword in your niche, for example, if you are selling wedding dresses, use ‘wedding dress’ as keyword will save much time for you , also YouTube will provide you some suggestions in the search bar that related to the words you are typing in, take full advantage of that! The suggestions are from the popular list from other users.

Suggestions for ‘wedding dresses’

NO.2 Pay attention to the filter.

Your final goal is to find someone that can cooperate with you in your business, so find the videos in your niche is just the first step, after getting the results from YouTube by searching by keyword, you have to use the filter to sort the videos, usually filter the video by the time and pick this month as the option to narrow the targets.

Choose ‘this month’ in the filters.

NO.3 Time to start hunting. 

Finished the first two steps, now let’s take action and start hunting for the youtubers. When picking the youtubers, the first thing we should know is the subscribers, the number of subscribers directly determines how many people can see the video, ie, see your product, so in this part, you should know exactly what you want from the YouTubers:

If you are a small business owner, then reach as more people as possible is your priority, so you can find some youtubers that have big audience,  but DO Remember, big account usually means big budget, so you have to balance this to make the ROI acceptable for both of you and the youtubers to make sure it is a win-win situation.  Usually start from small is a good idea, cause you can use the video the former youtuber made for you to let the next youtuber know your product, and then deicde whether to cooperate with you or not. In a word, you have to balance.

If you are a big enterprise then you don’t need to worry about the budget, try to find the youtuber with most subscribers and then drop them an email to invite them cooperate with you.

NO.4 Final step

Now you must have found out who you want to cooperate with and time to send them an email to start the conversation, open the ‘About’ page in the channel and the email address will be shown to you, but some people just don’t put their email address in the profile page so you have to use other method to reach to them. First one is using the messaging tool integrated within YouTube to contact them, use ‘Send Message’ button and it will appear a message window for you to write down what you want to say to the YouTuber, another method is checking the links in the profile, usually a YouTuber have many other social media accounts and you can use the link to track it and contact them.

Profile page – ‘About’

That’s what I have learnt for finding the YouTubers, by wrting this blog, I have deeper memory of the whole progress and hope it can help you,too.

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