Here are some basic methods of Facebook Marketing:

  1. Facebook pages, the most common and safe way, taken by most of the companies and enterprises to gain followers and fans to gather the potential customers of their niche.
  2. Facebook groups, this is the second safe and common way for the enterprises and individuals to gather followers and do marketings cause group is formed by few people or bunch of people who has the same interest, so it will be more easier for the members to get chatting or communicating with others than in the Facebook page, it is bunch of people to bunch of people in the group, you can feel totally free to post unless you break the rules of the group.
  3. Facebook ads, now as you can manage Facebook ads on your iOS or Android devices, it would be much easier for the marketers to create and manage the ads on Facebook. Like Boost post, website clicks and page likes ads. Recent years the organic reach in Facebook has been declining because of over-marketing contents in Facebook which lead to bad user experience and that’s what Mark doesn’t want to see. Now more and more marketers begin to fight in this area to win more shares or sales towards their oppenents.
  4. Facebook messenger, official messaging apps from Facebook, with over 2 billion users at present it will obviously be the next battlefield for the marketers, now the basic way of using it is to chat with friends and other people that added you on Facebook, but it will be different using it as a page, you can choose your messenger code (See how to get one, click here)and use it to let people scan your code and send you a direct message, this is very cool at the moment cause it is very convenient to use and cost less time on other messaging apps.
  5. Tagging, one of the spam marketing methods, used by most of the marketers before 2014, though now there are still many people using it, the result is not good enough for their hard work.
  6. Black visa card, this method has been banned by Facebook and I personally don’t recommend using this. Just don’t ask.