Social media is always changing, today the algorithm is this and tomorrow it could be something that you totally not familiar with. Reading and getting touch to the latest news and trends of social is the way to keep myself updated and competitve in this business.

Today I found a social media blog that really rocks – Social Meida Examiner, a blog that gathers social media blogs from social media marketers, all are very talented and leading in this business.

The blog I read today is about how to gain business from Facebook Messenger, very nicely input and detailed post. The core of this method is the messenger code, which can maintained from the iOS or Android Facebook Messenger app or from the Facebook page on web, when open the message page in Facebook page it will show the tips and introduce this code to you.

facebook messenger for business codes

Click on the icon, and it will appear with a messenger code and option to download it or scan it. You can download it right now or you can choose to save it to your library so that you can scan it later cause this messenger code can be used offline and that ‘s the most convenient part of it. You can use this code to promote your page and product by sharing it to your audience, get direct message from your audience.

facebook page messenger code

With this code, you can post something in your page to encourage people to scan it or save it to their phone so that you can gain conversations from the code and in final result, lead customers to you.

Try it now!