Announced on Oct.16 2010, Instagram has been growing from a small picture sharing software company to one of the social giants, with 400M+ active users per month. Instagram now is one of the affiliate company to Facebook, which is the biggest social network in the whole world. All these facts just lead to one conclusion:—-If you are not a instagramer at present, you are OUT in social marketing.

Okay, let’s get to the point of this post, how to get Instagram followers quickly ?

The method which is very basic, is similiar to the former post “How to use Twitter to find your customer?” Follow the big accounts and the leading brands in your niche, find their accounts, check the followers list of their accounts, usually there are millons of followers in the leading accounts of your niche and the number still grows when you just clicked the followers list. So what are you waiting for? Follow them and wait for them to follow back. This is the basic way to get followers, just repeat this step every day for about 2 hours’ time in total.

Notice: Here I mean in total, so it means you don’t need to follow so many people at one time, which is easily get banned or warned by Instagram, just slow it down, follow them now and then to make sure it seems natural.

Followers’ list.

Another way of getting followers in Instagram is using the Direct Message function in Instagram app, which is only usable in the mobile app so it would be a lot of work if you use this way. But we still have solution to this, find a Android emulator, install it in your PC, log in your account and then feel free to use this method. Still 2 hours of work, save 200 USD for your budget to make ads!

Here’s today’s post for How to get Instagram followers quickly, with just 2 hours’ work everyday , save 200 USD for your budget. Try it now!