Twitter and Facebook has always been the mostly used social platform to build the brand and gain customers, whether current customers or potential customers, though most brands use Twitter as a window to show their products and srpead the brand.

So to many MSB companies, searching customer in Twitter has been the first problem occur to their social marketing staffs. Here are some few tips about finding customers in Twitter:

  1. Use hasgtag, this is the most commonly used method to find the customers that are related to your niche, for example, you’re selling fishing products, then you can add #fishing in every tweet of yours and also use #fishing to search in Twitter to find others that are interested in fishing. Follow them and wait for they follow back, if not, unfollow and repeat this steps. Don’t repeat it more than 3 times or you may get blocked by the user.QQ截图20160503155811
  2. Use 3 party tools to help you do the above steps like Unfollowers or Crowdfire. I have been using it for couple of weeks in each tool, unfollowers can help you track the people who are not following back and the best function I think is last active time, it is very useful to me cause you have to find those who are active in Twitter to gain more impressions and lead them to your website. Usually if one person’s last active time is beyond 5 days then he is not my target audience. Crowdfire is something like unfollowers, also support twitter and instagram, if I say the difference, maybe their names. XD
  3. Always reply under the tweets from the famous brand in your niche to gain more impressions from those who has been identified as your potential customers by famous brand. This method can also be used in Facebook.

Any other good ideas or methods? Leave a comment below!

PS: For now I think Twitter’s active users are still declining, Maybe it’s time to pay more attention to Instagram.