Long we have been using Facebook to gain followers and fans to reach more people in the internet, this time I would like to introduce some tips and tackles about using the schedule function.

Let’s start…

If you are a social media worker then scheduling posts for your networks are the basic work for you, many of us would like to choose other tools like buffer or hootsuite to manage all the networks, but for me, all the tools are not that good to use compared to Facebook’s own schedule tool – which you can schedule the post in the publishing page. QQ图片20160429113216

By using this button, you can schedule your posts and set your post in a fixed time, after that , you will see the post in your main page.


Above is the way how to use Facebook’s schedule function, and here is some tips for doing it :

  1. Check your page’s insight (Insight – Posts) and you will see the time that your audience are online or not, that would be a good reference for you to set the scheduled post
  2. Don’t ever let go the most showing part of the post, which is, the first two-three comments under the post, add your comments after you scheduled the post  and like it so that it will be shown at the top of the comments to show as much as you can to your audience.
  3. Use preferred audience button to make your post showing to those who are most likely to engage, that will increase the engagement and gain more impressions from Facebook.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow I will write something about how to set your Facebook’s goal and how to achieve that!